The Weavers’ Guild of Gwyntarian has been researching, practicing, and teaching the fiber arts of the Middle Ages and Renaissance (CE 500-1600) since 1979.

The Weavers’ Guild operates under a charter. It’s affiliated with the Marche of Gwyntarian, the Akron/Kent chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism, and is mainly intended for members of both. However, you don’t absolutely have to be an SCA member to attend guild meetings. Use the link at the left to contact us for more information.

We combine historical re-creation with a good-sized dose of "experimental archaeology." Our members make bobbin lace, raise fiber-bearing livestock (sheep and angora rabbits, for example), grow dye plants and fiber plants, tablet-weave, lucette, braid, weave on many different types of looms, spin, dye, bead, knit, naalbind, embroider, felt, and make paper — though not usually all at the same time!

The guild holds monthly meetings, where the members report on their projects. These meetings are also the place to seek advice on technical or research problems. A meeting might also include a class, a field trip, or a hands-on workshop. Some of our classes have taught members how to weave baskets from grapevines; skirt and clean a fleece; and dye with madder, indigo, and onion skins.

Outreach is a big part of what we do. Guild members are usually available to demonstrate medieval fiber arts at fairs and festivals. Our handcraft techniques, low-tech tools, and raw materials give the modern world a chance to connect to everyday life in the Middle Ages in a vital, tangible way.

Guild meetings are usually held on the third Saturday or Sunday of the month. They’re open to anyone in Northeast Ohio with an interest in medieval and Renaissance (pre-1600) fiber arts, though we encourage you to also get involved with the SCA and the March of Gwyntarian. If you’d like to visit with us, please see our Contact page for more information.

Rights: Our homepage logo and photo are by Ceinwyn. Those images, and all the other works you see and read on this website, come from the creative imaginations of our members. Unless otherwise indicated, they’re all covered by a Creative Commons 3.0 BY/NC/SA license. Have something in mind that doesn’t fall under those terms? Contact us.