The Weavers’ Guild of Gwyntarian has been researching, practicing, and teaching the fiber arts of the Middle Ages and Renaissance (CE 500-1600) since 1979.

We’re associated with the Society for Creative Anachronism’s Marche of Gwyntarian (Akron and Kent, Ohio, USA). However, you don’t have to be an SCA member or Gwyntarian resident to join us. Our meetings are open to anyone who shares our interests.

You might find us loom-weaving, tablet-weaving, spinning, knitting (yes, it’s medieval!), dyeing, braiding, beading, embroidering, and/or lacemaking.

Often we also create the raw materials that go into these processes. We have members who raise fiber animals including sheep and angora rabbits, and who grow dye and fiber plants.

Many of our meetings include a workshop, so you can learn one of these skills.

Outreach is another big part of what we do. If your Northeast Ohio class, group, or organization would like to see how textiles were made before 1600, contact us. We can usually arrange to demonstrate our low-tech medieval raw materials and techniques at your fair, festival, or meeting.

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